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Students at Bamyan Baba School moved into the newly constructed building in March 2015 — after studying in a leased home for five years.  Ongoing work continues to improve our school and grounds.

Historically, Bamyan is the most peaceful province in Afghanistan. Creating a private school to offer quality education was the goal of  NZ PRT USAID Gender and Economic Development Advisor Mary Jae Abbitt and her family after leaving Bamyan.

Baba  (Dari) means “respected elder” or “grandfather.”  Bamyan Baba School is co-ed, enabling girls and boys to attend class and exercise outdoors together in an atmosphere of trust and respect.  The school is now K- 9th grade.  Indoors: includes 14 classrooms, computer lab, small library, principle's/teacher's office and maintenance room.  Outdoors: For exercise time the students have plenty of open playground - volleyball court, sturdy gymnastic bars and swing/slide sets.  Of course, ample space for football (soccer) practice!

Direct Aid International [DAI, a 501(c)(3)] has been a key partner.  We began in 2013.  Now in late 2016, students, teachers, administrators, donors and the community are participating in, and enjoying, the result of this hard work created in 2010 by founder Amina Hasan Pur.

We used international construction standards, and do still today, as we continue to grow.  Baba is the country's only “green” private school utilizing solar power as the primary source of electricity. On the roof are our solar panels, batteries, etc. for our multitude of sunny days.
In the September 2016, trip MJ had the honor to meet the Afghanistan President's wife - First Lady Rula Ghani. She asked about education for the children of Bamyan.
Bamyan Baba School’s current goal is:
To provide quality and equal educational opportunities to girls and boys of the poorest (and safest) province in Afghanistan — Bamyan. 

Baba School’s Oldest and Youngest Students

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2018 EVENTS:

2  May
Birth Of
Hazrat Mahdi Imam

17 May
First Day of Ramzan

6 June
Imam Ali's Death

14 June
National Mother's Day

15-17 June
Eid al Fitr/End of Ramazan

15 July - 3 August
First Semester/Mid-year Exams

4-17 August
Summer Vacation

22 August
Eid Azha/Qurban

19 September
Ashura/10th Muhrram

21 September
International Peace Day

5 October
Teacher Work Day

8 October
Children's Day