Associate Spotlights

Baba Board President Amina Hasan Pur

Amina is the founder and manager of Bamyan Baba School.  Since 2011 she has been the  Provincial Gender Advisor for AKF (Agha Khan Foundation), where she has coordinated over 100 Train the Trainer TOT) conferences for women leaders. 

She has also created and coordinated many local women's issue oriented NGOs.  In 2010, as DOWA she had a dream - to create a private non profit school for Bamyan's children. MJ recommended her to attend Thunderbird University's “Artemis” program, where she studied entrepreneurship and acquired business skills. From hard work to reality, that dream has come true.  

Throughout Afghanistan Amina is respected as an advocate of human rights for women and families.  She has received many specialized awards and certificates: President Karzai - Honorary Medal as member of Peace Consultative Jirga; Governor Sarobi in 2007- Bamyan Woman of the Year, etc.  She sometimes receives negative or threat letters from local conservative elements.  These she reports to the Bamyan Governor and Chief of Police, and continues her work.

After Russians invaded the country, her family moved to Iran where she completed a Degree in Nursing in 1995.  In June 2016 Bamyan University (evening school) awarded Amina a Bachelor's Degree in English Language studies.  Amina is a wife and mother of  two children who attend Baba School.

Baba Board Sardar Mohammad Amiri

Sardar is a member of two Bamyan Boards. 1)  Founder and President of ngo COAM  (Conservation Organization for Afghan Mountains), and 2) Bamyan Baba School.  Prior to this, he worked as manager and leader at several UN agencies: UNEP, UNHCR and UNFPA.

As a result of his COAM work since 2010, Sardar has become a respected leader and member of the community. He works with other local leaders and institutions to expand poverty reducing and environment and watershed enhancing initiatives in Afghanistan's Central Highland Koh-e-Baba range: UNEP, WFP, UNFAO, Bamyan NEPA, DOWA  and the Governor's Office, and others.

Sardar joined the Bamyan Baba School board to add additional creativity and support to its education mission.  He has witnessed the school's positive impact – in just 3 years – on Bamyan Village and Province.  He permits his passion, humor and technical knowledge to run free in his Baba work. Sardar’s children will attend Baba when older.
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Paintings of Respected Educators Adorn the Walls as Student Role Models

Rabia Balkhiar - (circa 914-943) Possibly the first female Persian poet. Writing in modern Persian, her poems focused on love and society in medieval Iran.
Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi - "Rumi" (as he is famously known) was a respected Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian and Sufi Mufti.

Baba Board Member Abdullah Navid

Mr. Navid is Director of the Economy Department, Bamyan Province.  MJ worked with him in 2010-2012.  He holds a Masters Degree in Management (on-line) from University of Northwest American and Bachelors Degree in Economics from Kabul University, as well several specialized certificates and courses:  Macroeconomics, Strategy and Competitiveness, Persian translation, etc. He was an Accountant with the highly respected Islamic Republic of Afghanistan National Solidarity Program (NSP). 

Bamyan is a rapidly growing town and province, providing him with many challenging opportunities to work with the Governor and Mayor.  He has two children who will soon be old enough to attend Baba School.

Board Member Mohammad Arif Mobaligh

Mr. Asif was born on 21 March 1979 in Foladi Valley, Kholankash Village,  Bamyan Village.  His father's name is Abdurrahman.   He graduated from Kabul University with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and holds a Masters Degree in Public Administation from  a Pirvate  University.  Between 2006 and 2010 he was a supervisor at the Republic of Afghanistan Department of Justice in Bamyan Province, Bamyan Village.  The Government selected him to be the Deputy Governor in 2010, where he served with Governor Habiba Sarobi, Afghanistan's only female governor until late 2013.   Together they worked with Manager (now President) Asraf Ghani, who represented President Hamid Karzai in "transition" from Provincial Coalition security, provided by the New Zealad Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), to full  time security provided by the Republic's Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP).  He has several children, one of whom is old enough to attend Baba School.