Baba School’s Community of Friends is Rapidly Growing ~ A Personal Note from MJ...

On September 25,  I met with the First Lady Rhula Ghani in the president's palace.  No photos/no politics — only people... stories of women and children.  She enjoyed learning about Baba School's construction, students' accomplishments, and happily received gifts for herself and President Ghani made by women from a local Bamyan NGO.  Exceedingly popular, Mrs. Ghani is well respected for her stated belief and ongoing activities showing the strength, resilience and resourcefulness of Afghan women.

This trip, I also met with Bamyan government leaders, including the leader of DOWA (Department of Women's Affairs).
I also hand carried approximately 75 pounds of English language books to Baba School.

Super thanks to the following for sending a variety of learning material for all grades donated to Baba School teachers at the September, Thursday afternoon PTA meeting in the school’s central hall.

Abbitt Family of College Station Texas, Bon-Harper Family of Charlotttesville Virginia, Caldwell family of Alexandria Virginia, Fletcher Hodges of New York City, Shakila Haidiri of Washington D.C., Thompson family of Charlottesville Virginia, and more.  Special thanks to all for contributing such books as: Rainbow Magic, An Illustrated Child's Book of Verse, I Love You as Big as the World, and The World Book Series of: Math Power, Word Power and Science Power.

Baba School Will Have at Least Two Scout
Troops by Spring 2017

Next year, Baba School will start its own Scout troop, where all students will learn and share in the idea of service in the traditional sense of Robert Baden-Powell.  The President and Mrs. Ghani are supporting scouting in 32 provinces of this war-torn country.
We are working with the Bamyan PARSA office and hope to link with a Charlottesville scout troop 2017!
Click HERE to watch a video of our scouts.

Thank You to Our Donors of “Green” Equipment!

In October of 2015, local NGO COAM installed solar panels on our roof to provide electricity for a water pump and lights, thus no generators will pollute the clean mountain air with fumes and smoke.
And, thank you to several "Friends of Baba School" for donations toward two eco-sensitive Turkish stoves — one each in the upper and lower central halls!

Our Solar Panels Provide Power for School Technology