Supporters of Bamyan Baba School

Mary Jae Abbitt, former U.S. State Department USAID Small Business Development and Gender Advisor, now board member of NGO Direct Aid International, and family provided prime financial support.  The following individuals and families have also assisted,  many sincere thanks to each of you!
​Mrs. Caroline Hudson Firestone, New Hudson Foundation (NHF), 2010 Peace Philanthropy Honoree; author of Afghanistan in Transition and Afghanistan and Americans United: Telling the Stories of Transforming Lives Halfway around the World
​Family of Amina Hasan Pur, Manager, Bamyan Baba   School
Tahir Zuhair, Governor of Bamyam, 2015 - Current
​​Dr. Habiba Sarabi, Former Governor Bamyan Province (2006-2013)
​Mohammad Asif Mobaligh, Deputy Governor Bamyan Province​
Civil Engineer Bamyan Mayor Aman, 2016 - Current
​Abdullah Navid,  Provincial Director of Economy
Jonathon Hoffman, President Direct Aid International
Hajji Shekoh, Founder and President of Shah Foladi Construction Company
Project Artemis  / Thunderbird School of  Global Management, Amina Hasan Pur graduated from the prestigious Artemis program in November of 2010 along with 18 other Afghan women from all over Afghanistan who were carefully selected by Thunderbird as having the potential to grow businesses, create jobs, and increase prosperity in their communities.
Kelly Franklin, Field Unit Expert, Country Programme Office, UNEP Bamyan Afganistan